Friday, January 27, 2012

It's what I do in the winter....

When January rolls around I crochet.
I've been like this for years now. If you want to get specific, 14 years. 
That's when I was pregnant with my second. I found this beautiful, soft, blue yarn with a blanket pattern and instructions printed on the label and I decided he needed a crocheted blanket.
I worked away with my hook and the endless string of blue, indescribably soft yarn.
It kept me warm.
And I enjoyed many evenings after my oldest was in bed listening to music while my husband studied away (he was in college then) methodically creating that blanket.
Months later it became one of his favorite and without a doubt one of mine too.
That blanket made it through 3 boys, believe it or not. Now it sits in a box in storage, we'll see what kind of shape it's in 10 - 15 years from now when I find myself a grandma.......hmmm....that's a weird thought.

Anyway, it's January and I find myself seeking the warmth and relaxing comfort of crocheting.
Check out what I made yesterday!

The pattern is from Little Abbee shop here.
I purchased two other patterns that I'm excited to try out.

Now to decide what I'm going to do with this little cute cap confection.
Yep, I'm done with the babies at my house, except for the baby doll variety. (I hope this picture isn't too creepy. It's what I have to work with.)
I started and ended having babies early so I am done and done! But my friends aren't......decisions, decisions.

P.S. I've been thinking of doing a crochet week here on the blog.
I thought I might share a couple of patterns I've written, share a tutorial on crocheting an edging on a fleece blanket and maybe a couple of other things.
What do you think?

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irbuanosraL said...

Ha! The doll IS creepy. I think you should be the model next time, you're way cuter. ;)

Anyhoo...LOVE the cap, super super cute.