Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying my hand... (and a valentine printable) making some of these today.
It probably would be easier if I had the right software but I'm making due with what I do have.

I thought this would be really cute printed up on cardstock and attached to a little cellophane bag with heart candies.
(I'm a sucker for those cinnamon hearts this time of year.)
(oh, and don't forget the Dove chocolate hearts....mmmm...good.)

Also I'm making some little crochet heart hair clips for youngest to give to her friends.
I thought they'd be cute with this too.

So, I'm making this a free printable.
You can download it here.

If you decide to use it I'd love to hear what you've done or what your plans are.

What are your crafty plans for Valentine's Day anyway?

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