Friday, April 27, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door's done. I don't know why it stressed me out so much but it did.
Our school's Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up next week and I was asked to decorate the door of my son's 5th grade teacher. (Cue the ulcers and the frantic Internet searches.)
I even dedicated a board to door and board ideas on Pinterest (Here).
So throw in some Internet inspiration, squeeze a bit of my own twist into it and

I was able to cut all of the letters out at the school using their die cut machine ahead of time and glue them on at home. Then all I had to do was hang it up when I got to the school. Ten minutes tops at the school and I was on my way.
I let my 5 year old decide where the stars went and glue them on.
In her opinion the more the better!
I was just happy for the help and now I'm happy it's done!
To celebrate I had a Georgia Mud-Fudge Blizzard.

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The Lombards said...

where did you find Mrs. Incredible?