Sunday, November 4, 2012


Sometimes my daughter turns 16 (the age we told her, years ago, she could start dating) and thinks she needs to date.....
Sometimes I'm not sure what I think about that.
Sometimes the Christmas dance is girls choice and she thinks she needs to ask someone to go to the dance with her......
Sometimes I'm not sure what I think about that.
And then
I decide its better to 
get over it
get with it
have some fun with my girl.

So that's what I did!
What we did!

Really, who could say no to that face?

So we bought all of the grape candy and soda we could find
We designed and printed the label (see picture up at the top of the post) and put it on the 2 L. grape soda bottle
and tied it all together with some cellophane and purple curly ribbon.
It was pretty cute (If I do say so myself).

Then she had her adorable little brother and sister deliver it to his house.
They went to the door with the treats and rang the door bell.

It was supposed to go like this.

" Hi, is (young man) here?"
give treat to young man
"This is from my sister."
"Have a good night."

It went like this.

"Hi, can I see (young man)?"
His little sister, "No. He's not here"
Young man's dad, "Who's at the door?"
Little sister, "I don't know. Someone with treats....for (young man)."
Dad comes to the door.
"Hi, can I see (young man)?"
Dad, "No, I'm sorry, he's not here."
"Oh, I was supposed to give this to him."
Dad smiles and laughs, "Oh really? I can make sure he gets it. He'll be home soon. Who's it from."
" sister."
Dad laughing and smiling really big, "Oh wow, that's great! Really? Ok."

Then we walk away.
As I'm letting the kids in the car and My Girl is setting in the front seat (in the dark because I had the forethought to turn the dome light off, it was a smart moment for me (doesn't happen very often)).
The young man comes running right past me and up to the front door.
I guess he'd gone for a run.
I said "Hi"
he said "Hi?"
and he ran into the house.
While my girl sat in the front seat giggling because he never saw her and he had no idea who I was.

Then I got in the car and my girl and I giggled together.

Sometimes it's nice to let your daughter grow up.

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