Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yee-Haw, Happy Halloween and Say Boo to the Flu

Wow! Can't believe Halloween has come and gone already!
What an adventure!

The costume season started for our family on Saturday October 27th with a costume birthday party for Sweet Cheeks to attend and a church chili cook-off for the whole family.
I had the privilege of being a judge for the chili-cook-off.
It was interesting but I'm not sure it's something I'd like to do again.

Costumes this year were fun for me and I think they turned out pretty cute.....if I do say so myself.
Like I said before,
After many ideas of what she'd like to be this cute girl finally settled on 
Jessie from Disney's Toy Story.

Honestly, I think her choice was PERFECT!
She is Jessie personified.

She's the rootin'est, tootin'es,t sure shootin'est cowgirl ever!

Doodle chose to be Tintin

Just in case you don't know Tintin you can click here to read more about him
just read this from Wikipedia.
The Adventures of Tintin (FrenchLes Aventures de Tintin) is a series of comic albums created by Belgian artist Georges Remi (1907–1983), who wrote under the pen name of HergĂ©. The series is one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century, with translations published in more than 50 languages and more than 200 million copies of the books sold to date.[1]

The first Tintin comic was published in 1929 and a 3D motion capture computer animated film was released in 2011.

When he was telling me what he wanted to be for Halloween I asked him if he thought people would know who he was or if he wanted to wear a name tag.
He told me the people his age would know but older people wouldn't.

Turns out he was right.....

Check out the Tintin hair!

Mr. Man chose to be Davy Crockett this year.

Is he his father's son or what?

Turns out most people thought he was Daniel Boone but don't worry my boy corrected every.single.person. who was wrong.

We told him they were both considered mountain men/explorers and that kind of kept him from being offended.

This picture is Davy preparing to attack a bear.
It was really nice to have Davy Crockett around when we were trick-or-treating.
He kept us safe from Cougars and other varmints.

We really couldn't have asked for better trick-or-treating weather.
The kids didn't even need a jacket.
Seriously, the nicest/warmest Halloween I've ever seen.
In years past we've had over 200 trick-or-treat-ers 
and with the weather being so nice I thought we'd have even more.
But we didn't...
I think we had under 100, kind of weird.

We call this version of her costume
Contagious Outlaw Jessie

When she got home from school on Tues. she had a fever.
During the night it spiked to 105 so I took her into the Dr. in the morning.
Turns out she has the true flu.
Luckily we got her in soon enough to take the medicine but she's out of school until Monday.
She had to miss her first class party......Oh the tears were so huge and heartbreaking.

We told her she could still go trick-or-treating but she had to wear a mask and she wasn't allowed to touch ANYTHING. That included doorknobs, doorbells and candy.
When people would say you can choose a candy she'd say, "I'm not allowed to touch any candy."
We got a few strange looks.
Her brother was kind enough to ask her which one she wanted and then he'd grab it and put it in her bag.
Thank goodness for brothers!

The older kids stuck around and passed out candy for us so that MDH and I could take Davy and Jessie trick-or-treating.
Isn't that great!

We had fun with the pumpkins this year.
MDH did a Scooby Doo theme.

I think next year our whole family should dress-up as the Scooby Doo Gang.

Here's Sweet Cheeks Classic Jack

I even tried carving one this year.
S.C. helped me choose Minnie to carve.

Hope you had a fun and safe and healthy Halloween.

 And now we're starting into the month of gratitude.
My favorite month by the way.

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