Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It Was Rattling So Loud I Couldn't Think!

Have you ever done that?
Had something rattling around in your head you wanted to make/do but you just didn't have the time so you kept putting it off? But you just couldn't keep your mind off of it.
So it just keeps rattling and nudging and knocking....until've had enough!

Yesterday I got most of what I needed to do, done, and so I did what I wanted to do.
I sewed this little tote out of my brain and into existence.

Complete with pen pockets and another pocket for who knows what....chewing gum maybe?

Maybe one of the reasons I like to sew is because it gives me time to think.
Sometimes when I sew I feel like I'm doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out how everything will fit together.
And other times my mind just floats from one subject to another.
'My youngest's first ear infection'
'My oldest's upcoming date'
'The lesson I'll be teaching in church in a couple of weeks'
'Trying again'
'Straight seams'

A cacophony of thoughts that somehow ends with me feeling more ME.

I have lots of ideas.
Some don't work out so well.
Of course I don't usually take pictures of those but believe me there have been plenty.
And when they don't work out I remind myself that it's ok....I learned something....or a lot of somethings.
And when an idea does work....(like this little charcoal and tangerine combo)... the feeling is oh, so sweet!

So here's to rattling ideas that workout or not and time to devote to doing something you love!

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. My sweet little tote is available in my shop HERE.

P.P.S. I'm thinking of writing up a tutorial for this. It would include a basic tote tutorial as well as the little extras. Anyone interested?

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Gail @ said...

I love this! Such a neat bag...great fabrics and design.