Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Jello of Sleepy Hollow

Okay, I totally had to share this! Without a doubt this is what I'd call blog worthy!

So we had a Chili Cook-Off and Jello Mold-Off at church tonight.

I've never won anything before....well unless you count the Finding Nemo towel our family won from or the Bag of weird groceries we won from Smith's grocery store....but I'm not counting those because those were totally random and this I/we (my husband and I) won because someone liked what we did and that's never happened to me before!!!! Ever!!!

We live in Utah so of course Jello molds are a part of our culture right ;), you must have heard about green jello with shredded carrots before, or jello is its own food group, or jello with marshmallows, jello with ice cream, or jello with whipped cream, or jello with everything.

A friend even told me in her mom's old neighborhood cook book a recipe for jello called for whipped cream but said mayonnaise could be substituted for the cream.

Anyway, poking fun at our own culture there was a jello mold-off.



So the plan was to hollow out a pumpkin, fill it with yellow jello, then when it was set carve the pumpkin, it would look kind of like a pumpkin with a light inside.

What really happened.
The pumpkin was big - it took 4 large boxes of Jello (16 cups of water).
The jello never really became firm.
The pumpkin was super dry and stringy.
When I carved the face the jello started coming out of the mouth.
So we taped and plastic wrapped the mouth back in place to transport it to church.

Then when we got to church we took out the mouth and let the guts spill out onto a tray.
It was pretty stinkin' awesome if I do say so myself.
It totally helped that this pumpkin was dry and stringy because the stringy bits totally completed the look.

They judged the jello and then let people dig in.
When people dished up the jello they were taking it from the mouth it gave me a chuckle.

So the family got in on giving this jello a title.
I liked:
The Jello of Sleepy Hollow

But we also came up with:
Jello Jack
(From 11 year old son) Pumpkin Barf.....yeah I know, he's 11.

I'm already coming up with ideas for next year!
Can't wait!

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