Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I started out saying, "No."
"No, I am not going to make any costumes this year. We have plenty in the box. Find one that fits."

He dreamed of being a Jedi, young Obi Wan to be specific.
Perfect! We have that in the box. 
But then,
Where are the pants?
 Oh ya, I let his big brother use them for pajama pants and they were worn completely out.
Where are the belt and leg things? 
Oh ya, I have no idea.

So I made new pants, a belt and spats.
Not too much work though though.

(I used this pattern for the spats. I cut them about 1/4 inch smaller all around and 6 inches taller. I used elastic to keep them together on the sides and one button on the bottom edge. I also put 1/2 inch wide elastic to go under the foot. The belt and spats were both made from brown vinyl that was on clearance. I bought 1/2 yard for $1.50 and I have a bunch left over.) 

She started out saying, "I want to be Cinderella with a cape."
I considered making it.
Then she wanted to be Darth Vader, Dora, Snow White, Ninja, etc.
Ummm, no.
But then she looked in the box and found....
Clifford, the big red dog. (made it for her brother 10 years ago and made up my own pattern)
It was love at first sight.

No alterations or additions needed.
Easy-easy! Mama like!

Oh this boy.
He wanted to be an undercover goat.
Hmmmm.....not sure how to do that one.
Then he wanted to be Prof. Lupin.
 His vision for that particular costume included half wolf, half professor....furry legs, suit and all....
Sorry son, not this year.

He settled for a Pacific Giant Octopus. Red please and thank you.
And I did make this one but it was super easy thanks to

This girl dug out a costume my mom made for me 20 years ago.
Can you believe it?
The costume has seen lots of use by various family members over the years.
I think it has aged fantastically.

Second oldest had his toe poked and cut and pulled and wrapped and he hobbled so he called His costume, "Tiny Tim" from A Christmas Carol.

This is MDH's favorite part of Halloween.
He likes to do a theme each year.
This year he and the kids chose characters from their favorite show.
Phineas and Ferb

Really? Halloween is over?
I know, I'm sad too.
But just think how much fun it will be next year!

PS this is our first trick-or-treating outing sans stroller! And sans fear of dogs.
I was in heaven!
She ran the whole way and didn't complain once.
She didn't refuse to go to a door because she heard a dog.
And I only had to defend her from one scary Halloween decoration with Mr.Man's light saber!
I'd say Halloween was a success.

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irbuanosraL said...

Cool pumpkins, and great costumes! I wondered where the Cinderella with a cape idea went! She looks so cute as Clifford ☺ All your kids look great, so fun!!!!