Sunday, November 13, 2011

Proof that Utah is becoming the Pacific Northwest

Once upon a time we lived in Oregon.
A place of green year round.
With slugs the length of your hand
A bounty of large snails under every leaf.

One day MDH ran something out to the trash can in his socks in the dark.
A generous size snail lost his life that evening under the clean white sock clad heal of my husband.
It was a shock to MDH to hear the crunch and feel the squish but I'm sure it was an even bigger shock to the snail..
..or maybe he didn't feel a thing.....Do snails have feelings?
We know snails and they're gross.
and we know they aren't supposed to abound in Utah.

This year they did.

Want proof.

Check out this butternut squash we found in our garden this autumn.

So what happened to the snails?  
They all got chucked as hard and as far as they would go over the fence.
(Not into the neighbor's yard...into the part where we have no neighbors. Just so you know.)
What happened to the squash?
MDH can't remember if it was salvageable or not.
Maybe I don't want to know.

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