Tuesday, November 22, 2011

quick up-cycle craft.....baking powder can to coin bank

For weeks now my youngest (4) has been asking me to make her something pink.

She's way into money, counting it in particular.

So when I finished off a can of baking powder it struck me that the little container would make a perfect, 
pink bank for my daughter.

The fact that she could totally help me with this upcycle craft was a bonus.

So here's the thing, there are no during pictures because the batteries in my camera died,
and there were no other charged batteries to be had.
So I charged the ones that were in my camera but my sweet little one was way to excited to finish her bank to wait for the batteries.

So here's the finished product!
She loves it!

This project was very simple.
I cleaned out the baking powder and pealed off the label from the can.

We used Mod Podge to apply fabric and extra large ric-rac to the outside of the can.
Then we made rosettes just like these and hot glued them on.
I used an exacto knife to cute a slot for the money 
and that's it!

Simple as can be.

Now my 4 year old can count her money over and over and over again into her coin bank.

What are some of your fun ideas for easy upcycled crafts?

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