Monday, November 28, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Me

Yes it did!
I was inspired by THIS.
(See photo and link at the end of this post)

So this summer I picked up a few wooden bowls at the thrift store for .25 - .50 cents a piece.
And then I searched and searched for wooden candle sticks at the thrift store.
I don't know if others were buying them all up because they'd seen the same thing on Pinterest as I did or what but I never found any!

Finally I found some little ones at the craft store.
And for a little under a dollar a piece I was able to make some cute painted wooden pedestal bowls.

I used some epoxy glue to attach the candle sticks to the little bowls and wooden disks.

I didn't sand the wood first and it didn't take me long to figure out it would have been a lot easier to sand each piece before I glued them together.

Live and learn.

I learned a couple of other things too.
I was concerned that the color of the paint would be affected by the different colors of the wood. So I decided to stain one of the bases first.
Turns out it didn't matter and it actually made it harder for the paint to stick to the wood.
Probably because I didn't let the stain dry for the recommended 8 hours.

I also learned that sanding the wood bowls to get the existing finish off was more important than anything else.

I thought of a couple more things.

Do you remember when I was refinishing a computer armoire and I discovered that you should never spray paint when it's hotter than the recommended temperature?
Check the results out here.
This time I learned that you shouldn't spray paint when it's colder than the recommended temperature.
The cold also does weird things to the paint.

Good to know, right?

Okay so this little wooden "vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true"(name that movie!)
Is my favorite.  Here's what I did.
First I did a coat of red spray paint, then I did a couple of coats of metallic Carmel latte, then I sanded it down in spots so the red would show through and the wood, then I went over it with walnut stain finally I wiped the stain off and let it dry.
It turned out to be one of my favorites!

This red "flagon" (know the movie yet?) I wanted the wood grain to show through so I did two very light coats of red spray paint and then went over it with the stain as well.

I wanted the grain to show through so I could have it match this. what we lovingly call, "the red thing" and was purchased as one of the best deals of my life.
Someday I'm afraid I'll grow tired of the red but for know I love it!
It stands proudly in our entrance way and as you can see it's a great place to drop keys and mail as you come through the door.
I'm in the process of switching out shelf decor so it looks a little hap-hazard in the pic.

Anyway, I wanted the red flagon to match this so I could bring a little more of the red into the living room.


Here's my green one. I used the same green enamel I used on this project and it had the hardest time going on in the cold. Plus it took For-ev-er! to dry.

I glued the candlestick on upside down on this one and I"m wishing that I hadn't.
But again,
Live and Learn.

Here's my inspiration.
Check out her great instructions.

So I'm wondering if you knew the movie?

You really's one of my favorite

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