Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costumes.... Yee-Haw!

Halloween snuck up on me again this year.
Hard to believe I know exactly when it's going to be yet somehow I still get surprised with how quickly it comes around again.
Luckily, I did manage to get the costumes done before the big day.
However, I was still down to the wire for the parties we had on Saturday......
Oh Well...

Today I'm sharing youngest's Toy Story Jesse costume.
You don't know my girl but believe me when I say this costume totally fits her "Go -n- Get'm" personality!
She's loved Jesse almost her whole life so it was a natural choice for her this year.

And, by the way, the poses in the pictures were all completely her saying, "Take another one with my foot up and another with me looking off into the distance."
Oh man she makes me smile!

The costume wasn't too hard just a little time consuming.
I found the cow print cotton at Hobby Lobby and traced the pant leg to get the shape.
Sewing the cow print fabric onto the front of the jeans was the tricky part.....going slow was the key.

For her shirt I used one of her brother's old white church shirts and added yellow cotton and red piping detail.

The hat was a dollar store find that I added yarn detail stitching to the edge. I also added loops to the inside so I could bobby pin it into her hair.
And her belt was a $.50 thrift store find. I was going to make a faux belt buckle for it but I got lazy and decided she didn't need it.

Honestly, what makes the work totally worth it is how much she loves it.  After wearing it to a party Saturday night she asked me if she could wear it to church on Sunday.  She understood when I explained it wouldn't be appropriate but she did tell me she couldn't wait for Wednesday so she could wear it again.
Yep.....that's how you make me happy!

So I have a couple more costumes to share soon. I promise I've been busy.

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